About Us

At Zay Jewelers, we're your heritage jewelers with a century-old legacy. Every gem tells a unique story, and we offer you the opportunity to create your own. With conflict-free gemstones and complete customization, we turn jewelry into cherished memories. Welcome to a world where tradition meets innovation, and emotions take center stage.

Who We Are

We are a generational jeweler with roots in the industry as early as the 1900s. Due to this origin we have assembled a vast variety of different gemstones and diamonds sourced directly from the original mines and completely conflict free. Everyone of our team members are directly related within our family and keeping it that way is our number one priority. We constantly believe in passing down our traditions to the next generation and in order to accomplish this we conduct business with full integrity and honesty. We allow our customers who become part of the Zay Jewelers family the ability to build their own jewelry by choosing diamond and gemstone sizes, qualities and the metals of almost every item being displayed. We are always a phone call away for any additional questions or concerns as we constantly strive to provide the ultimate jewelry buying experience.

Emotions are the backbone of every decision we make as human beings. At Zay Jewelers our story began with an emotion of creating a foundation of sharing those feelings with the rest of the world and at the same time invigorating a sense of emotional exhibition. We have always kept a firm stance since the start of our journey, that a bit of us resides in every transactional occurrence. Commitment is our foremost emotion that we make sure is included with every experience you share with us. As the years go by we hope that these sentiments resonate even deeper than they ever were before. So if you think about it we don't sell jewelry, we believe in selling our feelings to you. Exclusivity is born from these specific feelings as they are as individualistic as every design that represents us. So which ever occasion it may be from engagements to an impulsive present for the loved one, Zay Jewelers wishes to contribute to that particular emotion and cherish it even further.